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“Bio Solo Organico is not only the first organic vegetarian restaurant in Argentina, but also the whole of Latin America! Claudia Carrara is the pioneer that took the leap of opening her own vegetarian restaurant in Argentina’s charming capital of Buenos Aires.

Everything started from the desire to bring her children up with the best possible nutrition. Soon enough, she began to sell natural dishes to her neighbours that she would create from the leftover vegetables she had in her kitchen. The success of her improvised cuisine led a friend to offer her a few tables where her clients could sit and enjoy healthy meals. One thing led to another and the idea of opening a restaurant was born.

Originally, the main focuses of Claudia’s research were health, taste, and environmental sustainability. First with the humble intention to feed her kids in a conscious way, and after in the way she would develop her restaurant to have the best possible impact on her society.

The menu is developed to attract all sorts of clients. Meat eaters are often dragged into giving it a try by a relative who is confident in the convincing power of delicious veggies. Faithful vegans or vegetarians are loyal customers. People with all sorts of diets, restrictions or allergies have made Bio Solo Organico their oasis in a country where the culture of asado is sacred. Pleasing everyone isn’t an easy job and this results in a very, very long menu. You will need to dedicate a dozen extra minutes just to make up your mind between all of the mouth-watering dishes depicted on the menu! Some of the classics are the Quinoa Risotto, the Molten Polenta with cashew cheese, the Mustard Tofu and Indian Rice, the Raw Vietnamian Soup and the BioEssene Pizza with cashew nut cheese. The deserts will drive you nuts–the exquisite Vegan Apple Crumble, the creamy Raw Tiramisú, or the Pure Chocolate Cake are not to be missed! Bio Solo Organico proposes a wide range of juices, smoothies and warm drinks that are delicious too.

Besides offering a rich and gourmet menu, the restaurant’s true added value is the dedication with which they work on creating dishes that are simultaneously nutritious, wholesome, and exciting.

No, healthy food isn’t all about lettuce, and no, it isn’t about following a diet. The only objective we should pursue is to respect and preserve our body, and this starts with wise food choices.

Cooking lessons are delivered each week in the same spirit of teaching the curious how to change their habits and demonstrate that eating a plant-based is not only easy but also satisfying, fun and delicious. They also provide catering services for companies or private events, and their next project is an online Bio Market where they want to sell most of their homemade products.

False stereotypes lead some people to believe that eating vegan or healthy means that they will suffer from the lack of flavour, protein, variety, and so on. Bio Solo Organico is the living proof that this is just a myth, perhaps created by the adherents to keep the delicious food to themselves…who knows?


About the author: Marie Dykmans is a Belgian food blogger currently travelling the world. Her passion for health and food has lead her to discover some of the best vegan kitchens across the world. She is passionate about cuisine but also about yoga, meditation and believes in a conscious way of consuming. Follow her culinary and travelling adventures on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/choupetamarie/ or on her food blog: www.choupetamarie.com

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